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hi my name’s Kelly I’m the owner of

dacha delights I’ve been grooming here

in our shop in Harold Hill Romford for

the last two and a half years this is

little brinkley is a 16-week Yorkshire

Terrier puppy and what we’re going to be

doing today is showing you just pet

trims the idea with puppies is to bring

them in to your grooming room as often

as possible so they get used to being

groomed they get used to being on the

table doesn’t have to be full grooms

every time he say he’s 16 weeks and he’s

been with us he’s been coming in three

times now twice for a bath and one in

between just for a bit of a tidy up and

just to come and socialize with the dogs

that we have in the shop just to get

used to the atmosphere knowing exactly

what we want him to do I’m just going to

be tidying up his head tidying up

Brandy’s ears tidy up his legs feet

doing his nails tied up his towel taking

a bit of length off his coat

half past and dried him already and I

have done his sanitary area and his


he is have already been plucked because

he’s a little bit naughty for ear

plucking at the moment he’s not used to

that yet so I’ve had to have help doing

the ear plucking


as I said this is Brinkley’s first trim

he has been to us three times before but

just for tidies up on the face and two

baths so to start off with a puppy if

he’s never been clipped before always

put your clipper over the dog’s body

getting used to the vibration before you

start doing the actual clipping round

the neck over his head then his belly

we’re so make sure he’s comfortable he’s

not going to play up good boy always

praise the dog when he’s doing good good

boy frankly Wow good boy good fella well


why he’s happy now he’s contained so I’m

gonna start clipping with a 5f comb

attachment the yellow one starting from

the neck working down the body just

taking off a little bit at a time

following the coat line praising him

when he’s doing good what a good boy

what a good boy said he’s all no to him

good boy oh well done what a good boy

well time so I’m not taking that much

off his coat just enough just to tidy em

up we still want him to look like a

puppy boy steady steady good fella

oh what a good boy what a good boy you


good boy

good boy good boy

if you do get a puppy that’s very

fidgety and regally it is sometimes

helpful to have someone help you hold in

if you are on your own you groom on your


then it is advisable to have him on

ahead caller just to make sure that you

know you’ve got control over the dog

they are very fast and they can jump

quickly off the table if they want to

well fellow


now I’m just trying to hug a mic have

attachment to a four which is the page

I’m just going to now tidy around a

little bit Brandy’s neck to make it a

little bit shorter than actual body

let’s make it neat huh good boy Brinkley

good well underneath his chin and down

his chest yes okay it’s a good boy good

boy good boy

oh well done well done

always make sure when you’re holding the

puppy you hold underneath the chin to

stop him from moving good I also do with

the comb attachment I also go down his

belly to keep it a bit shorter because

he’s only short legs boy oh well done

good boy good fella good boy

because puppies could be quite big early

especially ran the thumb area this ideal

to have your hand underneath the body

holding the towel while you are clipping

the back end

I’m now ready to start scissoring him up

just hiding up his legs


as a puppy trim all I’m going to do in

issues in thinners just to tidy up his

feather ins and his leg area holding him

from underneath

good boy Brinkley and then because he’s

never been scissored before I’m just

literally gonna be pretending to scissor

so he gets used to the noise say it’s

not bothering him at the moment he’s

interested you want to know what I’m

doing it’s better to be safe because you

don’t want to injure a dog with the

scissors he’s comfortable that’s what

I’m gonna do now is just start thinning

away at the legs just tidying it up not

taking too much off inside the legs down

to the feet once you sit at one leg comb

it through fluff it up a bit and then

take off a little tiny bit more just to

tidy up

Oh still yeah boy if you do need help

ask for a number of member of staff or

if you’re on your own it is wise to keep

him on a body bill to help him stand

still and then with the front legs just

taking off the feather ins just to keep

it tidy what a good boy Brinkley what a

good boy so this is Brinkley’s first

purpose is a trim it’s 16 weeks old and

I think he’s doing very very well hunt

you Brinkley take off a little bit of

the thinners on the inside of the legs

good boys sto good boy just to blend it

in to make it look neat huh oh what a

good boy good boy once you’re happy with

the thinners then you can go around with

your straight just tidy around his feet

oh boy stead steel good fella get your

table good boy hey be careful with the

Straits because they are sharp if you do

have a fridge ee dog then it might be

wise to use with a pair of ball noses

that way then you know you’re not going

to injure their pads good boy good

boy they’re still good fellow good for

me stand up good boy

well done well done dude let your dog

have breaks in between the grunion don’t

expect them to stand on the table for an

hour hour and a half because all the

puppies want to do is just get down and

run around and play do it in short

intervals 10-15 minutes is probably more

than enough unless they do select you

stand a little else unless they do stand

still and let you do trim as much as you

can good boy

well done good boy that’s a front foot

done still darling good boy good boy

well done and half the back leg is just

hiding up the hocks

good boy well done I know what a good

boy good fella what a good boy I’m

holding him quite close to my body to

keeping him still without in Fiji in too


go and what I’ve done on one side I’ll

do exactly the same on the opposite side

good boy


now I’m looking from the front I’m gonna

try and do the inside the leg if you sit

still and lets me good boy well done

well done

Keyshia Paul can I have your paw oh what

a good boy what a good boy oh well done

Brinkley give me a paw

oh can I have your paw well done oh what

a good boy

well done they see they’ve tied up the

inside the legs make it look neater and

while I’m at the front here what I’m

gonna do is just take a little bit of

weight off at the end of the chest good


holding him underneath his chin now stay


what a good boy what a good boy good

fella sit that’s that side done and all

I’m gonna do is that the same on the

other side


I’ve got one of my colleagues in to help

me just because it was a bit too fidgety

for me to do my own I’m just gonna tidy

up his towel climbing out woods and then

just go down there with your thinners

stand up baby girl

good boy stand up good fella

just tidying up so it doesn’t look

untidy and then tied around his bum nice

and neat and just take tip off the towel

and then while I’m here I’m just going

to tide you down these knickers just to

blend it all in

alright that’s all done


right with puppies make sure you get you

they get used to being held underneath

their chin because this is the main part

why we need to hold them here for their

eyes all I’m gonna do I’m gonna tidy up

the hair in front of his eyes good boy

praising in the whole time good fair

last I say he’s only had this done once

when he was in mummys arms so this is

his first time of having his eyes

trimmed good boy just a little bit at a

time make sure he’s comfortable and not

wriggle in good-bye and then climb it

down good boy good all the owners when

they come in they say I want to make

sure they see the dog’s eyes so make

sure you keep it nice and clear good

place okay it’s okay good boy well done

and then same on the other side trim the

other eye good boy

I know I know what a good boy you are

what a good boy you are such a good boy

stop good boy good boy good boy

well done he hasn’t got much of a visor

I’ll just bring them a little bit in

front know what I’m gonna do is just

tidy that up oh you going to sleep are

you oh good a good boy here we go good


that’s better while we’re on the ice

section I’m just going to take off a

little bit of his hair buyers and knows

he’s muzzle just to thin it down a bit

oh what a good boy nice better what a

good boy


but all I’m gonna do now I’m just gonna

shape his Maz doll round toss the air

with straights if he’s to Fiji then I’ll

use my thinnest Brinkley stop good boy

good fella well done good boy

oh well done no it’s go still don’t

steal I know good boy it’s just a blend

this in good boy oh I know what a good

boy you are

I know you don’t want me to hold you do

you good boy

well done good boy well done once I’ve

blended it in the whole longer do now is

just tidy around his ears good boy all

right still still all right I need chose

his help she’ll stick he just come in

for a minute just hold his muzzle for me

just there so I can hold his ear without

his dropping his head good boy

all I’m gonna do now is just tied around

his ears with thinners good boy so again

getting used to the noise of the

scissors so he knows we’re not doing

anything all the time

good well done and I wanted to tidy up

the inside of his ear

and that’s then the back of there

goodbye sit and then check over your

work with your time

boy oh that’s better that’s better

good boy well done and I’ll do the same

again on the other side


with the smaller puppies I tend to do

there now is holding him just taking the

tips off most of the time they don’t

realize they’re having their nails done

if they’re having cuddles at the same

time good boy

well done good boy well done being black

now is you need to make sure be careful

you don’t cut too much and make them


good boy well done well done what a good

boy what a good boy okay steady stop


good boy well done well last one dewclaw

good why I’m using now he’s just the cat

nail scissors just for small dogs

there’s so much easier back now doc are

quite short I’ve just taken just the

tips off he’s not fast at all by his

nose so I’ve got a good puppy here



so that’s what Brinkley done we’ve just

done say the teddy cap the ten in the

four comb attachment over him tied up

his head

Tao is now have been tipped depend on

how quickly he grows we could see him

again in four to six weeks or six to

eight weeks and depend on the owner as

regards to a groom in a maintenance we

advised the owner just to comb him out

regularly daily and to keep an eye on

his his face is eyes if they need

trimming up in between grooms your

groomers should be able to help you do

that we offer our customers with small

dogs if they have a wash and tidy we

don’t tend to take the weight off of the

coat we attention to a face tidy of feet

tidy leg tidy sanitary area and it just

helps keep her maintained and keep him

clean he’s done very well freeze first

for groom at 16 weeks old



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