With my dogs I’m using the confinement method.  I do not crate train.

So when you get your puppy you want to keep them in the area that is very strict and controlled. For me when I got my dogs I skated off every other room in Houston! We were only in one designated room together and whenever I would leave the house I would put them in their little Runner areas and it would have a potty near their bed and their footballs. With that area you want to make sure that there’s no floor space available so you want to make sure that the only option they do have is to go to the potty on the pee pad because they don’t want to pee in their bed and they don’t want to keep out their food so that is extremely important. It proved to be extremely successful for me.

Always monitor your pup, you have to keep a close eye on your dog because it can be very very sneaky especially with your kids because they’re so tiny. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when they’re going to the potty and so you have to be very mindful of them, because they’ll look like they’re just sitting down and they’re pink so keep a close close eye on them to make sure that if you see them sniffing around on the floor. If you see them walking in a concentrated circle get them to the potty area immediately. Inside go potty go potty so therefore they’ll put two and two together and I think another thing a lot of questions that I were getting is dogs are having accidents.

They’re having accidents I think that it’s very important if you have a small tiny Yorkie like I do they don’t have huge bladders so if you’re doing the outside training thing I think it’s a little bit more work because you have to get them out a lot more especially if you’re going for a long stretch of time because obviously their fathers are small and they can’t hold it in my opinion.

So I think that with a lot of people who are having issues with the accident it could be because you’re potty training your dog to go outside and they’re not being taken outside enough this is why I opted to potty train inside because for me they always have a bathroom available they always have a party available to go to they never have to hold it when they have to go they can feel free to go and it just it works out for me you want to make sure when you do have your puppy pad and your puppy pen holder which obviously I will show you guys what that looks like that you keep it on the floor that is easy to clean I know that some people won’t like this but I keep both of my pets in each corner of the kitchen I know some people don’t want to have that in the kitchen but for me the puppy pad doesn’t smell because hey it gets cleaned every day with Clorox wipes and bleach B whenever there’s Cooper pee time or whenever this poop neatly pick it up and because it’s clean every night and the puppy pad is changed out it doesn’t hold it order I know some other people keep their puppy pads in the laundry room or in the bathroom just want to make sure you don’t keep it on carpet I mean you wanna keep it on carpet you can but they like is hat could be a lot of mess if there’s a little bit of spill over I know sometimes my Marlee can miss aim and they get on the floor and it would be a  lot more of a hassle if that floor was carpet versus laminate floor where I can just take a Clorox wipes and cleaning up really quick in no big deal so be sure you strategically place your puppy pads if you’re gonna be training to go on the inside and if you do have a small dog and you’re having issues with potty or accidents in the home you may want to consider it at least a D maybe one pee pad in for longer stretches of time or just having one there for the option so then you can have your dog training go inside or outside I think that’s a great option and a great compromise for you and your dog and they say it’s important to choose a specific area I’m not sure about really went to pizza but that is extremely important because your dog needs to know where the puppies you can’t go changing the potty every other day because they’re going to get confused they need to know where the potty area is so when they have to go pee exactly where to go so try to keep it in the same I never move every bet that is their area that’s where they belong and that is where they stay so even if we’re upstairs doing something they have to cope I’ll go downstairs and go right to their area and it has their scent there so make sure you keep a designated area that works for you and your family also to go along with that don’t let your dog choose the area at the sonicate area I know some people have a problem with okay he’s peeing right here on the carpet he’s painting right there you can’t be like oh well just put a few pad there because that’s where he goes no that’s your dog training you want to train your dogs to go to the potty so you have to get them to potty in that designated area and if they’re having accidents and wants to say the arrogant area you need to watch them whenever they go to that area so then you can direct them to the proper area to go potty so you want to make sure that again you choose the area or if your dog does choose to get air Venus choose a nice corner in the back of the kitchen perfect then you guys are set up the features is a bad area like the middle of the living room then we need to address that and have to move it to the proper area of your home okay another thing that I have seen to be mistakes that people have is they don’t keep the potty area clean which is extremely important because your dog can sometimes not want to go in and dirty potty I know a lot of people think that oh I have to leave poop on the pad so he’ll sniff it and go there that’s true but it’s whit extent when I first started potty training my dog when it was time to change the pit that I made just tacked it on a little bit of pee or if there’s a little bit of poop smear on the pad just put a little bit you know I have a crap ton of poop and a whole pissy pee pad where your dog is going because they’re not gonna want to go on back because it’s dirty so it’s okay to do that because I think that it’s important to make sure that they follow the scent when they’re puppies and that is vital and training so when you are getting rid of an dopey pet just take the new pee pad tap it on a little bit of pee and if you see like a little you know poop poop stain rub it on there and that is more than enough for them to get the same and make sure that you’re cleaning it daily I clean the pee pad every night just make sure you’re keeping it clean for your dogs because obviously you wouldn’t  want to go to a filthy potty so I expect your doctor all right and so other thing that I’ve already mentioned is how important is to be vigilant of your dog and to know your dogs kind of pee and poop pattern like I know for instance when Zoey is gonna go poop she does a whole circle thing for a good minute just circling around the puppy pad sniffing and circling so I know okay she’s gone poop so you want to make sure that you know your dog and you know their patterns before that go to the bathroom if you see them acting a little strange if you see them sniffing around if you see them being really concentrated on the floor or anything move them to the päivi area that is important and it really does help with training cuz if you get them there and they potty and you praise them you know they’ll know okay this is a good thing and the nice thing to do is if you know they’ve done an activity like if they’re really excited if they just drink water if they just eat ate if they’re running around playing check them take them to the potty hey go potty and see if they needs to go to luck so after that either of you see the planet being excited give them to the potty and just see if they have to go potty and let them know go potty and they’ll get adjusted to that another thing that you need to do is if when you’re home and of course you have your dogs in their strict area you need to follow them to the potty and make sure they don’t get distracted along the way because they may have all the correct intentions on point to the potty but they may get distracted and want to bite them there’s a play on that and a peeing on the floor so you want to make sure that they’re going to the potty and as they progress alone you can’t follow them less and less and less and then eventually you want to follow them not because they’ll. know to go immediately to the potty another thing to do is to have your potty area set up when my dogs are puppies and trainees I already had the potty treats there because when everybody they expected their treat so I would have a thing of Cheerios you can use honey nut or original Cheerios or whatever treats you decide it should be a big treat it should be a easy little treat making get rewarded and have there in their fame and they’re living there go away for a moment and then we can you know of course move on so I would have their treats and a clicker clicker is very instrumental because that sound represents a positive action when they hear that sound they know okay I’ve done something good I’ve done something that makes mommy your daddy happy so what I would do when they will be out click and then you have to really put on the show you have to praise him and get extremely excited and extremely happy and just go above and beyond like they just want to cram your word or something like that like you really have to let them know this is a great thing and then you follow up with a nice little treat and that’s how you do it and now you do it you do it I was pretty consistent with the fourth the first good maybe eight 10 months with my dogs and I just made sure to give him a treat and they would go potty and expected it and so after a little bit what I did was after there we go potty of course I would say good job I didn’t do the price turn down the price about eight or nine months I didn’t go crazy excited I was saying you know good boy good girl and before they got a treat I would make them do a command so okay you need to sit down stay and then they will get their treat and that’s how we kind of transition it to where they’re working for it a little bit harder because now you’re going to go potty I don’t need to finish  up I’ll let you know hey good job give me a pat on the head now I need you to a command so you’re on the street I love it you can work a little bit harder to earn this street and eventually after that they just go to the potty and that’s it I don’t say good job I don’t say anything because they know that’s what they’re supposed to do sometimes if I catch them I’ll be like okay good job Marley and then randomly if I feel like it I give them a treat but now because I know that’s what they’re supposed to do is expect it up then I don’t really do too much of anything when I go to the potty except to clean it up okay so now we’re gonna get a little bit more into detail about the confinement area like I said in the beginning of the video you want to make sure that when your dog whenever you are not home you do not leave your dog out you leave them in that specific designated confinement area it I promise you guys it really works for me in my pups so when I probably have even if I was but in apartment I live in house now even if I was taking the garbage to the dumpster a 10 minute walk I would put them up in their area where they are supposed to go because and those 10 minutes there could be an unnecessary accident that could have been avoided if I wasn’t lazy and I just put them in their area so in this area like I said you want to have a pee pad a bit and water bowls now I work from home now but when I did not work from home that is where they would be for 8 hours and it was more than enough room for them to walk around and I would leave free toys a fun toy a soft toy and a thinker toy and that would be in their area and by talking home they would have it pooping their feet in their area so you want to make sure that’s your area your confinement area stuff and you don’t put swap things around if you have your potty on one side of the confinement area it needs to stay there don’t switch swap your potty around because you want to redecorate the potty area have your potty your bed and your water or your water your bed and your potty or however you want to do it you don’t say I like to personally keep the potty as far away from the food and water as possible so I like the bit the in-between so make sure that you just keep it the same so they’re familiar with it and they don’t have to make adjustments as you decide to change your mind like I said it’s important that they don’t have any floor space you don’t want them to be able to go pee in the corner other thing you wanted to be to wear is only the those things are covering up all their floor space of it don’t really have to meet options and they do not want to you know the saying goes you don’t poop where you sleep they don’t want to do that they basically don’t want to put where they eat so make sure that you just have it nice and compact for them but enough space of course for them to stretch out not too crazy and like I said I’ll show you an example and I’ll put the dogs in there so you can kind of gauge how much space they have while they’re in the potty area [Music] alright guys so this is a setup that I was telling you guys about nice and simple and you see that I have the potty area please excuse the potty trade if you do see a little bit of pee on there I don’t need the cleaning today I haven’t cleaned it for the night it’s not the end of the day yet for us so I will be cleaning this tonight like I said put the cloth wipes and bleach to make sure it’s a sanitized for my pups messing that we have is their bed where they hang out in the bed where they used to hang out in the bed and the final thing we have are their food bowls and trays I like to keep water in their bowls and of course their food bowl in the morning so this is it guys you see that they’re virtually barely any space for them to pee anywhere but on their puppy pet which is exactly what you want you want to take away that option so the natural choice would just be the puppy  pet you don’t want them to have oh I can just pee right here in the corner no you want them to be there this is very important in this Oh running I got this from Petsmart I’m sure you can get these on Amazon for a lot cheaper I think there was about $70 at Petsmart but I would definitely check Amazon if you are interested in picking up something similar to this if I do remember I will leave a link so I’m similar in the description box below from Amazon I’m most likely a lot cheaper this is a top paw 34 inch look this is a top paw 34 inch extra size pin with a split door okay guys and I just want to show you guys an example what it looks like with a dog in there so Murli is in there hanging out and he’s as you can see it’s not cramped up he still does have space to stretch out and move but he still just has this potty pad in his food bowl so you can just kind of guesstimate this space Marley is 5 pounds and this is what it looks like with him in there so you can kind of guesstimate how I think we may have a Pothier in this I can’t you guys nope I think I distracted them but this is what it looks like I will try key to get them and go potty on camera but like I said now that we’re out of the strict training phase they kind of just go and they want and I just clean it up but um that’s what looks like with him in there I have a dog now a lot of people come up to us and a perfect example is this weekend um that was a rescue dog of it that I took the dogs to to support and you purchase stuff for donations whatever but first I let me come up to me and she was like I’ve heard these this breed is hard to train our girl she’s hard to Train and honestly my answer is no if you are consistent with your dog and if you do what you’re supposed to do they will do what they’re supposed to do so if you keep their potty area where they’re supposed to you keep up there afterpilot routine with the praise the treats are there praise the clicker and the treat and you keep that going and you do your part bill will do they they will do their part and that is my experience a lot of people say they have problems with training new yorkese and a lot of times it’s not about training the dog it’s about training the parents so you have to train yourself to follow through and do what you’re supposed to do because they they live on routine and live on schedule so if you do what you’re supposed to do they will do what they’re supposed to do they’ll follow suit so it really just boils down to commitment and dedication and consistency in getting your dog training in my view and also just remember – I did touch on this a little bit earlier but if you have a Yorkie in there a smaller dog you may i suggest i really suggest training to go inside because i feel like it’ll save you so much heartache and pain and frustration because they’re so small their bladders are tiny obviously if i’ve found dog it’s not gonna have the same size but as a 100 pound Rottweiler it’s just not gonna be the same so you have to make adjustments according to their size so i would always recommend training to go inside and like i said you can have a versatile dog to where they can go outside or they can go inside but i think that you should always have an option go inside especially if you’re not gonna be home for an extended period of time you can’t take them out as much as they want to because I see Marley go pee two three times an hour you know two three four times an hour nincompoops and I don’t want to have them sitting there holding it because I’m too lazy to get a finger oxides I think it just works best for smaller dogs to train inside I just really want to preach on that one more time for you guys just to really know that home that you know they have tiny bladder they don’t have the same size bladders list or larger dogs so just bear that in mind when you are potty training your foot and also some people have older dogs that they just adopt it it may take a little bit  longer but they are fully trainable you can teach an old dog new tricks that myth is not sure you you’re dedicated and committed and nothing you’re consistent that older dog will catch on and will be able to catch on to the potty training methods that you have set in motion for them alright guys one thing that I did forget to mention is that one accident does not mean you have to throw out all the progress you made the other heard the expression don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater we all make mistakes we all make accidents so if they do have an accident or so even when they’re fully potty trained doesn’t mean they’re not potty trained it simply means they had an accident sometimes even though my dogs are fully potty trained sometimes I do make a mistake and that is normal we are not perfect so don’t expect them to be perfect so if there is accident for me I just clean it up I don’t yell at them I don’t make a fuss I just clean it up and continue to go about my day I don’t even get that any attention until therefore if they have an accident I’ll okay let me put a little bit more into my praise so once I see them do go where they’re supposed to go I’ll be a little bit more excited than normal so therefore just to reinforce what they’ve already learned months ago that that is where you go and that is where you get attention you don’t get attention when you go somewhere that you’re not supposed to go so please just bear that in mind don’t get discouraged if they have accident every once in a while you want to just really focus on positive reinforcement staying consistent making sure you’re potty potty area set up again with your clicker your treats and your praise and that is everything that I have for you guys today on patreon I really this video is detailed enough and if you guys have any more questions please let me know if you glad to do a part for you on this potty training thing and I would definitely see you guys in the comments do not forget to check out our website great for Christmas present great for presents period for your dog if you want your dog to be fashionable and have a beautiful handcrafted wanna protect cotton leash definitely check out our website and let me know what you think and also do not forget to Like comment share and subscribe to our Channel bye guys