Like any other animal or dog breed, the Yorkshire Terrier requires specific care and attention, such as feeding. In this article we want you to know more about this important and at the same time delicate issue, since it is necessary to know what the best pet food you choose for a healthy and varied diet. But, let us start at the beginning. So what do the Yorkshire Terrier eat? Keep reading to find out!

What do the Yorkshire Terrier eat?

The food of the Yorkshire Terrier must consist, at least, of two meals a day that can be, a more or less light breakfast, and a full and abundant dinner.

Due to the carnivorous nature of dogs, the diet should focus mainly on meat intake. The digestive system of the Yorkshire Terrier is properly developed to allow the taking of copious and abundant meals that are absorbed during a slow process. This allows that between one intake and another can spend considerable time without starving. What do Yorkshire Terrier eat if we talk about specific foods?

Regarding meat, Yorkies can feed on meat, cartilage or casserole waste. Products made from beef, pork or poultry are suitable. Another source of protein is fish (especially if they are lean and salt water), eggs or milk.

However, Yorkshire Terrier can also feed on products of non-animal origin, as long as their diet is varied and includes proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins.

Other foods allowed for Yorkshire Terrier

Rice, pasta, hard bread or cereals allow our Yorkies to get extra energy, especially for cold winter days or after long days of activity.

Although they are not usually habitual (nor mandatory intake) in the Yorkshire Terrier, fruits and vegetables are recommended on specific occasions as a contribution of fiber, minerals and vitamins.

Needless to clarify that they must have fresh water at all times, especially on very hot days, hot climates or if the dog’s house is exposed to high temperatures.

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Any modification in the diet of our dog can be a problem for them. For this reason, try to make changes only in indispensable situations and gradually to facilitate adaptation to new foods.

The choice of feed for Yorkshire Terrier

The advantages of dog food specifically for Yorkshire Terrier, is that they are products designed specifically for this breed of dogs and that they have all the necessary nutrients for their development and daily activity. These feeds are the result of complex scientific research that seeks to offer our Yorkies a healthy and at the same time delicious and nutritious diet.
When choosing a feed for our Yorkshire Terrier, we must consider some things. Take note!

  • Check the package label for basic information on the composition of the feed.
  • Make sure we offer our Yorkshire Terrier food that meets all of our pet’s nutrient needs. In this sense, it should be clarified that there are simple or supplementary feeds, which are rich in specific nutrients and vitamins, as appropriate (indicated for special diets or diseases).
  • Regarding the degree of humidity, it is also possible to differentiate between dry feed (with a humidity less than or equal to 14%) and semi- wet feed (with a humidity between 14 and 34%, sold normally frozen or canned). In the first case, they allow to remain without problem for a long time, are more affordable and are usually the most used. The latter, on the other hand, stand out for their appetizing taste and usually have a higher price.
  • The quality of the feed will always depend on the raw materials, the formulation, the technology used, the presentation and the type of conservation.
  • Finally, the components used, the chemical analysis, the type of supplement used, the instructions for use and the expiration date must be correctly indicated on the label.
  • Unlike homemade food, dogs that are fed dry feed will need to drink more water, as the leading manufacturers usually indicate.

Homemade food ideas for Yorkshire Terrier

Luckily, most Yorkshire Terrier eat virtually everything. If you choose to cook or prepare meals for your Yorkshire Terrier, keep in mind that you should use a wide variety of products and ingredients that allow you to offer your pet a balanced diet.

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Taking into account, as we have said before, that the Yorkshire Terrier are carnivorous dogs, the food we prepare for them, in the case of adults, should be composed of meat as the main ingredient. Thus, chicken, rabbit, ox or turkey are usually the main options for this.

In order to avoid any type of infection or abnormality, it is best to present our dog with previously cooked food, and cooking is one of the most used methods . Remember that, in addition, at the time of taking them, the food should not be too cold or too hot.

Other issues to consider are the bones of the flesh. In case of having them, they should be eliminated if they are whole, since they can pose serious dangers during intake. The same applies to the skin of birds , which must be removed due to the high concentration of fat that accumulates in them.

Foods that provide energy

Do you know what other foods the Yorkshire Terrier eat? To complete the diet, we can offer our yorkie some type of food that provides an additional dose of energy, such as rice. In this case, it is better that the rice is well cooked (rather past) to make it much easier to digest.

In a very small proportion, we must complete the feeding of the animal with vegetables . Although many Yorkies do not like this type of food at all, it is beneficial that they occasionally take a serving of tomato, zucchini or carrot .

In any case, if we want our Yorkshire Terrier does not always get bored of the same foods and flavors, we can sporadically offer other foods such as eggs (provided the white is not raw), fruits, fish that do not contain thorns or honey .

From, we recommend that in the case of offering homemade food to your Yorkshire Terrier consult with your trusted veterinarian the specific needs of your pet. It is very likely that, in addition to the foods we mentioned, you should add a vitamin supplement to meet all your needs.

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In the case of the Yorkshire Terrier, it is also advisable to provide brewer’s yeast supplements to keep hair shiny and shiny.

Finally, remember to remove possible leftovers from the feeder of your Yorkshire Terrier once finished.

Other recommendations for feeding your Yorkshire Terrier

If you see the Yorkshire Terrier eating, try not to disturb them. Otherwise, you could interrupt this moment. In fact, so important is the tranquility during, as well as after the meal. Avoiding frantic activity rhythms after food will favor proper digestion in your pet.

On the other hand, if you have planned a trip, try to keep your Yorkshire Terrier fasting. In this way, you will save yourself from possible vomiting or dizziness in transit.

Regarding the necessary nutrients, you should know that during the first 12 months of the dog, the diet must be especially rich in proteins to promote a proper development of your body. However, dogs that are in the old stage should take less meat, more rice and vegetables, little oil and no salt.

Finally, it is very important that you keep in mind that, in case of illness, we should consult the veterinarian what kind of food we have to supply, since there are adapted solutions for each type of pathology.