Blueberry Snowflake Interlock Sweater


Back Length 16″, Chest Girth 22″- 25″, Neck 18″; Measure your dog from the base of the neck to the base of the tail for back length.
Our sweater products are made of 100% acrylic fiber, which does not have a high level of elasticity in comparison with other industrial fibers.
Each dog sweater is shipped in a polybag with a hang card.


This ‘plaid all over’ Yorkie sweater will be here to fulfill your pooches’ daily style in a captivating classic look, Scottish culture at its best. This sweater consists of diamonds, like any other argyle pattern, in a great color choice of true red and creamy white. Someone might believe that Argyle is outdated and geeky. But it’s just timelessly classy and contemporary chic for our designers. With this beautifully designed sweater in such an elegant pattern, your pouches can never go wrong.