Yorkie Collars & Harnesses

One of the most important accessories for your Yorkie, is the collar and harness.

Yorkie Collars & Harnesses

One of the most important accessories for your Yorkie, is the collar and harness.



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Collars are an essential part of any stylish Yorkie’s outfit. They serve a variety of purposes, from functional to fashionable. Yorkie collars that contain owners’ information can help reunite us with a missing or especially adventurous Yorkie, which is vital to their well-being and ours. Collars are also quite fashionable and allow owners to express their personal style by how we accessorize our Yorkies. Quite a few Yorkies have an opinion on how they are dressed, too; we all know how opinionated Yorkies can be! On our Yorkie clothes shop, We offer a variety of dog collars to choose from for the discerning Yorkie, whether he prefers pink, red, or blue; heart or dog pendants; leather or nylon, and so much more. The choices are endless! Pet parents can be assured that our collars are perfectly sized to fit a delicate Yorkie neck, and they are not too heavy or burdensome for a Yorkie to wear long-term.

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Finding a Yorkie harness, that is both well-designed and chic, is now a possibility! We are privileged to offer a wide range of available harnesses and collars. Our collars and pendants are made of materials such as leather and crystal, and we take pride in their durable construction. Our wide selection of collars ensures that there is a choice to suit every pet parent’s style, from bohemian to minimalist. We even have LED light collars for taking walks safely at night.

Our prices are astoundingly affordable, which means that you can purchase as many different collars as you desire. Your pup will be the best dressed at the doggie daycare, with a different beautiful collar for each outfit s/he owns. For the most fashionable amongst us, we can coordinate these collars with our Yorkie dresses or outfits. Gorgeous collars will be the finishing touch for your beloved Yorkie’s ensemble.

Our customer service team is always happy to assist you with any concerns or questions that you may have regarding our Yorkie collars. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, no matter how big or small. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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