Hair Dryer Stand Dog Grooming Table


The Hair Dryer Stand Dog Grooming Table is perfect for those who want to quickly and efficiently dry their hair and like the latest trend: man’s best friend! Whether you’re a pet groomer or enjoy grooming your pets at home, this table will come in handy. Stick it on any salon-grade grooming table or use clamps to mount it between tables, and then stand up and start drying away with both hands-free. Use one hand to hold the dryer as you go about dressing up your pup’s mane with the other. And keep an eye out for natural light – you’ll be putting those skills learned from magazines into practice right there next to your window sill!



Blow-dry your pet’s hair hands-free with our Adjustable Dog Grooming Table! This table attaches to your sink or standing platform by clamping the gooseneck style stand to the edge of any grooming desk. Weighing less than one pound, this detachable hanger can survive even the most hectic pet grooming session because it will not break like other expensive solutions. The height of this device is adjustable, making it perfect for people who are tall or short too!

Now you can take care of both humans and pets at once without letting muddy water scatter all over your floor. Your pup can have a shower that ends in dry fur instead of wet after laying down on an aluminum-lined clincher that dries out four times as fast as water does.

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