Furbo Dog Treat Dispenser With Camera


If you’re a true dog lover , you’ve probably heard of Furbo. It will be like you were with your Yorkie even if you are really miles away. This camera for dogs with candy dispenser is highly appreciated for all the advantages and features it has. With Furbo, you can throw treats at your Yorkie whenever you want. You can fill it with up to 100 pieces of candy about half an inch in size.


You can keep playing with your pets even when you’re not at home. Furbo can detect the barking of the dog so you can stay up to date if there is any kind of danger or just making noise and disturbing the neighbors. You will receive push notifications on your smartphone so you can talk to him and calm him down.

Furbo has an alert system that notifies you of all your dog’s activities. It will notify you when it is constantly active and will even take pictures every time you look at the camera. It will also notify you when a human is detected.

The Furbo dog camera has night vision . This will allow you to see it day or night. You can enable or disable these functions according to your preferences.

  • Funny Launch of Prizes: Launch a prize or treat for your dog using the free Furbo iOS / Android application. Fill up to 100 units of your dog’s favorite prize and play to launch it from anywhere!
  • Full HD Camera and Night Vision: Discover your pet’s secret life when you are not at home. Thanks to the Full HD video transmission, a wide-angle view, and night vision, Furbo allows you to see the entire room, day or night.
  • Bidirectional Chat: Listen and reassure your dogs as if you were there with them. Furbo has a built-in microphone and speaker so you can talk to your dogs and listen to them clearly.
  • Bark Alert: Send push notifications to your smartphone when your dogs bark so you can reassure them in real time. Furbo has intelligent sensors that detect barking automatically.
  • It is necessary to have an internet connection and a good WiFi signal to configure Furbo. Depending on the size and texture of the treats, throwing several treats at once is possible. If you have any problem installing the Furbo application or cannot complete the configuration process, contact the Furbo support team by sending a message to the Amazon buyer / seller.

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