Yorkies as they are so close to the ground and have long curly hair, are an easy target for fleas during a walk or play outside. Since Yorkies generally have a long layer of hair this causes it be tricky to find fleas and other insects quickly, you will need to be persistent while searching to prevent a distressing situation.

Key Takeaways

Aspect Recommendations
Daily Checking Inspect Yorkie’s hair daily especially head, back and stomach for fleas.
Regular Grooming Brush with a flea comb, bathe with flea shampoo, and maintain clean bedding.
Home Cleaning Vacuum house thoroughly every few days; wash vacuum container with hot water and soap.
Home Remedies Use mixtures of apple cider vinegar, garlic, lemon, lavender oil, and regular combing as natural flea repellents.
Health Maintenance Proper diet, exercise, and plenty of water to keep Yorkie healthy and less attractive to fleas.

Items that are needed

  • Flea comb
  • Flea Shampoo
  • Vacuum cleaner

Step 1. Carefully check your Yorkie’s hair at least once a day to detect any signs of fleas, small black spots that are feces or fleas themselves. Gently open your pet’s fur so you can see the skin; look in the head, back and especially in the stomach.

Step 2. Brush your Yorkie’s fur with a flea comb several times a week to see if it has fleas and remove them if they are in sight. When their coat is dry you must pass the comb through their skin starting with the head, then the back, the legs and ending in the stomach, which is the place to which they move during grooming. When you have passed the comb several times, rinse it in a bowl of soapy water to release fleas and drown.

Yorkies who live in hot and humid areas are more likely to encounter fleas.

Step 3. Give your Yorkie a bath with a shampoo formulated to kill fleas; You can buy an organic or chemical one. Some brands of soap can also be used. Moisten your dog completely saturating all fur; Wash it with the shampoo starting with the head, then the back, then the legs and finally the stomach. You should pour the shampoo all over the body, including the glue and let it act for a while following the manufacturer’s instructions. Rinse it with water and then dry it.

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Step 4 . Put your Yorkie clean bedding after shampooing it. Your bedding should be washed several times a week to kill fleas that have entered the house with him, as well as eggs that are about to come out. This can prevent new fleas from infesting it.

Step 5. Vacuum the house thoroughly every few days to catch fleas that have entered your pet’s fur. Throw away the bag or empty the container and wash it with hot water and soap to kill the eggs.

Step 6. Keep your Yorkie healthy by giving him a proper diet, exercise and plenty of water. Fleas and other pests seek and feed on sick pets. A dog that is active, fit and eats properly, can discourage fleas from trying an infestation.

Tips: Some completely natural non-toxic herbal sprays such as rosemary and citronella, can be sprayed on the Yorkie’s coat before allowing it to play outside the house. The natural repellent expels fleas before the dog returns home.

Warning! Read the labels carefully of any flea product that contains chemicals; Certain pesticides can cause seizures or death to dogs, especially if a large dose is ingested. 

How To Get rid of Fleas in Dogs With Home Remedies

Fleas not only drive your Yorkie crazy because of itching, but also lead to infections that can make them sick. They can also cause skin allergies that lead to infection, and the animal can jump on people and spread them. Summer is a particularly favorable time for the attack of these insects, but it needs to be protected throughout the year.

Some commercial products contains many chemicals that can be harmful to pets and their owners, but there are many home remedies that work just as well and are not as dangerous.

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  • Prepare a mixture with 1/3 apple cider vinegar and 2/3 water. Bathe your Yorkie with shampoo and rinse normally, then the solution will spread throughout the body. Remove excess water and dry it with a towel. Your Yorkie will not smell vinegar for a long time, however the fleas that will stay away.
  • Feed your Yorkie with small amounts of garlic or pour brewer’s yeast into their food. Some advise not to use garlic, but according to Pourri Pets, garlic is not only good against fleas, but also helps prevent other diseases. Dr. Pitcairn also recommends the use of garlic in his book “Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats.”
  • Squeeze a lemon cut of up to 8 oz. in water per day. Pour this mixture into a clean plastic spray bottle and sprayyour Yorkie’s hair, if the hair is long it should be brushed. For humans the puppy will smell nice but for fleas the smell will not be pleasant.
  • Repel fleas with the scent of lavender. You can add a few drops of lavender oil essence to your Yorkie’s shampoo in the water with which you are going to bathe, being very careful not to drop the essence in your eyes. Mix in an spray bottle eight ounces of water with a few drops of lavender oil and spread it on your Yorkie’s fur, either after bathing or with dry fur every two days.
  • Comb your Yorkie with a flea comb. The teeth of those combs are very tight and catch fleas when they pass through the hair. Dip the comb in a bowl with soap and water to remove fleas and continue combing. You can also add a few drops of oil essence to the container.
  • To eliminate a severe flea pest, all the liquid in the flea poison container should be poured into your Yorkie’s shampoo and soaped all over the body keeping it up, then let it stand for a few minutes and rinse it well to remove all traces of the liquid.
  • Keep your Yorkie clean, combed and healthy. Fleas develop in long, tangled hair that may contain dust, dirt and skin irritation. A regular grooming and care routine helps keep fleas under control.
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Tips and warnings

Buy natural pet shampoos that have conditioners. This will help keep your skin healthy. Fleas can cause your Yorkie to become anemic, so you should continually check your pet! We consulted Australian pest exterminator Alexander Crawley, the infestation can rapidly spread over the course of just a few days! 

Final Thoughts

Dealing with fleas in Yorkies requires a multi-faceted approach. Understanding effective methods for flea treatment is key. Additionally, maintaining good hygiene with regular yorkie bathing tips can prevent infestations. For owners looking into natural remedies, exploring what Yorkies are allergic to is important to avoid any adverse reactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I check my Yorkie for fleas?

Daily, especially after walks or playtime outside.

What home remedies can help in flea control?

Apple cider vinegar, garlic, lemon, lavender oil, and regular combing can act as natural flea repellents.

How can I maintain a flea-free environment at home?

Regular vacuuming, cleaning, and maintaining clean bedding for your Yorkie can help in controlling flea infestation.

What are the signs of a severe flea infestation?

Excessive itching, skin infections, and anemia in your Yorkie could indicate a severe flea infestation.

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