Polar Heavy Duty Foldable Grooming Table


Whether you’re just starting out in your new grooming career or an old pro, this sturdy table is the perfect size for all of your clients! It has a large weight capacity and can be folded up into one small bundle for transport. It’s waterproof to protect both pet and professional from spills…we suggest you also get the matching Grooming Arm with adjustable length so it’s always at the perfect height! Stainless steel folding legs keep everything sturdy while it travels to different locations. Plus, its pebbly rubber surface protects furless friends from scratches or harm–perfect for any animal lover!



The sure-footed rubber top will keep your pets comfortable and feeling secure while being groomed. Use the adjustable grooming arm for quick access to our tools basket. The padded feet of the folding legs will keep this table from moving around although you can get creative with how it’s set up, which is just one more reason you should give this deal a look! Use our space-saving design whether in-home or salon settings and be prepared for some seriously long days by using the 330lb weight capacity to let your little friend stretch out on our mesh tray. Keep all these features in mind while deciding what groomer table is right for you–you’ll never regret making time for Polar Heavy Duty Foldable Grooming Table!

5 Pet Grooming Tips Every Groomer Should Know!

1. Brush Before You Bathe

When it’s time to shampoo your dog, brush him before you wash him. This way the loose hair doesn’t become tangled in the brush and wrapped around his skin while you’re trying to get rid of tangles in his fur. Brushing is an important step in grooming so take the time beforehand to make sure everything goes smoothly during bathtime.

2. Use Conditioner on Dogs with Tangled Fur

Dogs who have matted hair can be difficult if not dangerous to groom or bathe without using conditioner first. Conditioner helps to loosen up matted sections of fur so that they are easier for you trim off without hurting your pet by pulling at their skin. It’s important to wait for conditioner to get fully absorbed before you rinse your pet off, otherwise he will still be feeling sticky and oily after his bath.

3. Use Your Hands When Shampooing Dogs

Using shampoo that isn’t meant for dogs can be bad news–it could cause dry skin or other irritations if it gets into the eyes or down your pet’s throat while you’re giving them a bath. Always use your hands before using a sponge on any part of their body; this way you’ll know right away if they are too slippery for you to work with normally like they should be!

4. Stop Bathing in Wintertime

Dogs tend to shed more often during winter months, making bathing less of a priority in places with cold weather. If you keep up with brushing and combing your pet throughout the year it will reduce their shedding overall, making baths more of an occasional necessity than anything else.

5. Clean Your Dog’s Ears Regularly

Using cotton swabs to clean hard to reach areas like deep inside the ear can help to prevent dirt and bacteria from growing inside–not only is this good for your dog because it gives them cleaner ears, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that your pet isn’t suffering from harmful diseases or infections!

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