Yorkie Calming Techniques That Will Make Your Life Easier

Oct 12, 2023 | Yorkie Basic Care

The Yorkshire Terrier, better known as a Yorkie, is brimming with energy and excitement – character traits that are cherished by their owners. However, as any Yorkie owner knows, this adorable breed can sometimes get a bit too excited. They have been known to jump around, constantly bark, or even start nipping at people’s heels when they’re over-excited. It’s imperative to understand how to calm a Yorkie down and make this a learned behavior for a happier, healthier pet.

Key Takeaways Description
Reward Calm Behavior Only give attention and reward your Yorkie when it’s calm. Reinforce calm behavior with praise or treats and ignore hyperactive behavior.
Practice Crate Training Use a crate as a calming space for your Yorkie. This can curb hyperactivity, especially when there are visitors or when you’re not at home. Remember to reward them when they display calm behavior within the crate.
Spend Quality Time With Your Yorkie Spend time playing, cuddling, and bonding with your Yorkie. Having designated snuggle and playtime can help calm them down and prevent disruptive behavior borne out of attention-seeking.

The Basics on How To Calm A Yorkie Down

Taming the boundless energy of a Yorkie isn’t an easy task but it’s definitely doable. It requires patience and consistent training from the owner. The joy of a calmer Yorkie is well worth the effort. These guidelines will pave the way to a more serene future with your furry friend:

  • Understand their triggers
  • Deploy calming techniques immediately
  • Maintain consistency in your approach

Reward Calm Behavior

One of the effective techniques is to reward your Yorkie’s calm behavior. Quite often, what is perceived as rewarding could be unintentional reinforcement of their hyperactivity.

  • Avoid engaging such behavior, even if it may seem frustrating.
  • If Yorkie’s hyper behavior is met with a calm response, they eventually learn to mirror this behavior.
  • It is necessary that no attention is given to your Yorkie when it’s misbehaving. Wait for it to calm down and then reward it by praise or a treat.
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Using commands like “calm” can be useful in instilling calm behavior. As counter-intuitive as it may sound, ignoring your Yorkie when it’s overly excited is often more impactful than trying to calm it down forcefully.

Practice Crate Training

The practice of crate training is often met with mixed reactions from dog owners. Although it sounds harsh, crates can actually become a safe space for your Yorkie, teaching them to regulate their own behavior. Here’s how this works:

  • Use the crate as a short-term solution. It’s a space for your Yorkie to relax and calm down.
  • Crate time can be rewarding if timed rightly. Your Yorkie should be rewarded for its good behavior in the crate.
  • Crates are especially useful when there are visitors in the house or you’re not at home. There shouldn’t be a long time period that they are left in the crate, it should be a calm place for them not a prison.

Spend Quality Time With Your Yorkie

Finally, Yorkies, like any other dogs, love spending quality time with their favorite humans. Devoting adequate time to playing, cuddling, and just being with your Yorkie can contribute significantly to calming them down.

  • Affairs of the mornings are particularly important. Bonding with your Yorkie and ensuring they feel secure before you leave for the day can help them to remain calm.
  • Providing suitable toys for your Yorkie to enjoy can also assist in keeping them calm, ensuring your belongings remain untouched even when you’re away.
  • Schedule your day to include designated cuddle and playtime with your Yorkie. Not only does this give them something to look forward to each day, it also satisfies their attention needs, this helps prevent them from seeking attention in more ‘destructive’ ways.
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Final Thoughts

Although Yorkies’ hyperactivity can seem a bit chaotic and overwhelming, it’s what makes them who they are. Embrace their energy and help channel it in a more positive, less destructive way. The bond that you share with your pooch will only get stronger when the two of you understand and respect each other’s needs. Remember each day with them is not just another day with your dog, it’s another day in their short lives. So, here’s hoping that your journey towards a calmer Yorkie is filled with love, laughter, occasional barking and a lot of wet noses! Good luck!

The key points of this blog are: Reward Calm Behavior, Practice Crate Training and spend Quality Time With Your Yorkie. If you stick to these three principles your Yorkie will be calmer, happier and your bond with them will only get stronger.

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