With a maximum of 7 pounds weight, the Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier) is one of the smallest dogs of any breed. So, it’s no more a surprise that the Yorkie is the smallest breed of Terrier type dogs. They are cute, adorable, and of course, full of fun dogs to have as a pet.

Key Takeaways

Consideration Aspect Recommendations
Type of Fence Wireless model for ease and cost-efficiency.
Safety Measures Ensure adjustable correction levels for optimal safety.
Battery Life Long-lasting with replaceable option.
Collar Compatibility Opt for models accepting collars from various brands.
Weather Responsiveness Ensure functionality in all weather and waterproof collar.

But being small, they used to be more vulnerable when it comes to safety, mainly coming from other large animals or objects when Yorkies go outside the home. So, it is essential to ensure they stay within a permissible boundary that you feel safe for them. And, a compatible wireless fence can do that so efficiently.


How can you make the right selection or purchase of a wireless dog fence for Yorkies? Consider the following facts, as they will help you decide accurately.

In Ground or Wireless

Determine which type of invisible fencing you do want for your Yorkie – an undergrounded model or an entirely wireless model. But we think – for smaller breeds like Yorkie, it is wise to pick a wireless model that suits mostly with your entire necessity, instead of going for a grounded electric fencing system. In-ground models take much time for installation, and that is expensive too. Additionally, a wireless version has enough power to contain a small dog; however, grounded models work better for larger breed dogs than their counterparts.

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Safety is an inevitable fact for a pet, and of course, the most important thing when you consider buying a dog fence. The primary purpose of containing a dog inside a fence is its safety, so getting the safest option for the particular dog demands prime concentration. Check if it features a perfect level of correction that is neither less nor excessive for your Yorkie, as any imperfection may lead your little love to a severe injury. Remember, more levels in the correction setting with accuracy indicate more safety.

Battery Life

Product with good battery life is always considered a good product, and it is not an exception when it comes to a wireless fence. Check both the transmitter battery and collar battery if they can contain charge for a long time with a decent lifespan. If the battery is replaceable or not is also a fact of concern.

Collar Compatibility

Some wireless models come up with a feature where you can use collars from any brand. This collar compatibility is a pretty good feature that makes things easier for you, especially when it comes to replacement of the collar that came with the fence when you bought it. It will help you from spending more on a particular collar, as you will be free to get an affordable but reliable option.

Weather Responsiveness

If the fence can work efficiently at all weather conditions is another vital thing. But, you must not miss checking if the collar coming with it is waterproof or not, and always prefer the waterproof one.

Last Words

When considering a wireless dog fence for Yorkies or small dogs, it’s important to understand their specific containment needs. Exploring options like choosing the right dog leash can provide additional safety measures. It’s also crucial to be aware of yorkie terrier ears and their sensitivity to training devices. For comprehensive care, refer to yorkie puppy supplies that can enhance your pet’s well-being. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fence is suitable for Yorkies?

Wireless fences are recommended due to easy installation and cost-efficiency.

How to ensure the safety of my Yorkie with a wireless fence?

Look for adjustable correction levels to prevent excessive or insufficient correction.

What to consider regarding battery life in wireless fences?

Long battery life with a replaceable option is ideal.

How does collar compatibility affect the usability of a wireless fence?

Collar compatibility allows for easy replacements and cost savings.

Why is weather responsiveness important in a wireless fence for Yorkies?

Ensures the system works efficiently regardless of weather conditions, and a waterproof collar is crucial.

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